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In Conversation
Watch our latest episode of INSIGHT in which contributing editor and podcast host Ben Luke
Featuring exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the Shonibare's Biennale Arte artworks
Watch Zineb Sedira discuss works that are part of her Whitechapel solo presentation, the UK debut of critically acclaimed exhibition 'Dreams Have No Titles', and her Goodman Gallery London show 'Let’s go on singing!'
Sam Nhlengethwa in conversation with model, motivational speaker and inclusion activist Palesa Mosiea on his new exhibition 'Art Meets Fashion'
Inside Sam Nhlengethwa's Johannesburg home studio, where jazz has infused the artist's practice for decades
In Conversation: Gabrielle Goliath and Maneo Mohale
Inside Subtozky's studio in Johannesburg
Exhibition Film
Sunstrum explores her Johannesburg exhibition with fellow artist Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi
Sedira speaks with fellow artist Sue Williamson and critic Sean O’Toole on the occasion of the African premiere for ‘Dreams Have No Titles’ at The Labia Theatre in Cape Town
Inside Shonibare’s London studio, the artist creates a new body of work, expanding on his long-term interests in appropriation and hybrid identities to consider the hierarchical nature of culture in relation to Africa and to acknowledge the debt to Africa
In Conversation session with William Kentridge and theater maker Mwenya Kabwe on new works connected to the upcoming theater production 'The Great Yes, the Great No'
Kilomba installs ’18 Verses’, a major sculptural installation alluding to the dramatic migrant routes that cross the Mediterranean waters today, echoing images, gestures and sounds that insinuate a sense of historical repetition
Kentridge on Dmitri Shostakovich’s Symphony No.10 as inspiration for an immersive five-channel projection about utopia, our wish for it and the shadow it always casts
Willis Thomas reflects on the historical significance of Ringgold’s practice and powerful influence on his work on the occasion of a joint exhibition in Cape Town
Breitz speaks with writer and curator Khanya Mashabela about Whiteface, a major work in which the artist draws attention to the constructed nature of whiteness
Ng’ok contemplates her painting process as a means for exploring the personal, psychological, political and spiritual dynamics of human interactions and relationships
Van den Berg reflects on his relationship to landscape and absence
IF IT CONCERNS US, IT CONCERNS YOU, chronicles the artist’s forty-year critique of the Western media
Goodman Gallery is pleased to present Tide and Seed, a solo exhibition by Ravelle Pillay and her first with the gallery
Between Memory and Forgetting is an exhibition that speaks about liberation struggles
Drawing, which is foundational in López’s practice, merges with selected materials to bring about different ideas
A unique opportunity to hear the South African artist and activist Sue Williamson in conversation with curator Nicoletta Lambertucci
Goodman Gallery showcases 'QR CODES REVISITED—LONDON,' an exhibition by New York-based Egyptian artist Ghada Amer exploring cross-cultural communication and understanding the Other through language.
My Body My Choice – Ghada Amer’s first solo show in London in twenty years. The exhibition brings together a new body of work, including Amer’s signature thread and canvas paintings as well as sculptures and a garden installation, never before realised in the UK
Inside Masamvu’s Harare studio where the artist considers the responsibility of creating art today
Inside Pillay’s temporary London studio before the artist’s first institutional solo exhibition at Chisenhale
Inside Sunstrum’s new studio in The Hague
For the exhibition, the artist continues to explore his interests in the experiential aspect of the body within space
Neshat reflects with culture writer, author and podcast host Farah Nayeri on the importance of women to political transformation - a belief that exists at the heart of the artist’s practice
On the occasion of Drew’s first exhibition on the African continent, the artist reflects on the importance of adapting to a space when creating site-specific work