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Laura Lima’s work taps into time and change

One of the major themes Brazilian contemporary artist Laura Lima emphasises is time — and how important it is to her work.

Her interest in the natural world is represented materially through the use of dyes extracted from vegetables and other plants.

“We spent a lot of time cooking each of those threads — cutting lots of blue cabbage — we used turmeric, wine and coffee. We spent a lot of time blending these elements to see what colour we could formulate,” says the Rio de Janeiro-based artist.

She is talking about the work on her Goodman Gallery exhibition in Johannesburg, beguilingly titled How To Eat The Sun and The Moon.

Her first solo show on the African continent, it is a testament to her profound exploration of Brazilian mythology, the beauty of nature and the ever-evolving journey of materials through time.

Upon entering the gallery, visitors are greeted by a mesmerising array of large-scale textile pieces, each a tapestry of colours, patterns and narratives. Lima, along with her dedicated team, has intricately woven these textiles, infusing them with stories that delve deep into the heart of Brazilian culture.

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