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'The Artist Studio' Penny Siopis and Nolan Oswald Dennis

n this episode, we delve into the inner workings of the Artist’s Studio, exploring it as both a physical space and a conceptual framework. Joining us are artists Penny Siopis and Nolan Oswald Dennis, each offering unique insights into their artistic practices.

Penny, based in Cape Town, has been a pivotal figure in the South African art scene since the 1980s. Her diverse body of work, spanning painting, film, photography, and installation, delves into themes of identity and memory through what she terms the ‘poetics of vulnerability.’

Nolan, based from Johannesburg, is dedicated to exploring a ‘black consciousness of space’ in his para-disciplinary practice. With participation in renowned events like the Berlin and Lagos Biennales, he interrogates hidden structural conditions through diagrams, models, and installations.

In this episode, Penny emphasizes the importance of embracing chaos in the studio as a catalyst for creativity, while Nolan reflects on the transformative impact of his return from the US, highlighting the role of community, cultural encounters, and rituals.

Season 4 is made possible by the generous support of the PESP funding by National Arts Council and Department of Sport, Arts and Culture.

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