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Zineb Sedira and the sea | British Journal of Photography

Zineb Sedira’s ‘obsession’ with the sea manifests in a personal and political exhibition exploring its symbolism, from geopolitical issues to migration

Zineb Sedira’s latest show, Can’t You See the Sea Changing?, reflects on a decades-long interest in the sea – “an obsession” – with a renewed focus. Sedira is the child of immigrant parents who arrived in France in the 1960s, fleeing war-torn Algeria. In 1986, she travelled by boat again when she emigrated to the UK. For her, the sea – in general, but mainly the Mediterranean to which she is most connected – is loaded with symbolism; of migration, transport, trade, identity, family, death.

These themes have played a formative role in Sedira’s lived experience and cultural identity. Those who missed the first presentation at De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill-on-Sea at the end of last year have an opportunity to see the works at Dundee Contemporary Arts until 06 August. Most of the pieces in the exhibition were created over a decade ago.

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