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Haroon Gunn-Salie's 'Senzenina' on view at the Norval Foundation to remember the 2012 Marikana massacre

Today we #RememberMarikana. Newly installed at at the Norval Foundation (open view from 16 August), Senzenina by Haroon Gunn-Salie, was created in response to the 2012 Marikana massacre. The 17 ghosts represent the 17 striking miners killed at what would later be known as scene 1. Seventeen more were killed at scene 2.

In total, 44 people were killed in a week during that fateful August. Gunn-Salie’s Senzenina takes the viewer to the site of the Marikana killings. It brings home and makes visible the moments before that fateful event. Through Senzenina, the body is shown as a contorted column, hunted and abused. Gunn-Salie uses this dramatic imagery to reveal where memory has fallen short. His work is a reminder that the past is still unfolding.