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Largest William Kentridge exhibition on the African continent in a decade opens at Zeitz MOCAA and the Norval Foundation in Cape Town

Why Should I Hesitate?, a two-part William Kentridge exhibition opens simultaneously at Zeitz MOCAA (25 August – 23 March) and Norval Foundation (24 August – 23 March) in Cape Town. The exhibition is the largest showing of Kentridge’s work on the African continent in the past decade. At Zeitz MOCAA, the exhibition focuses on Kentridge’s primary practice of drawing, bringing together his stop-motion animations, tapestries, prints and large-scale installations created over the past four decades. For the first time internationally Norval Foundation’s section of the exhibition focuses solely on Kentridge’s sculptural practice, covering several bodies of work and several newly commissioned pieces which testify to his long-standing and spontaneous improvisation when handling the three-dimensional form.

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